Precautions to be used while using clay matka (potwater)

Keep your earthen matka sans germ, by scouring, cleaning and afterward drying the dirt pot after each utilization before restocking it. You should ensure that you change the water put away in it consistently and clean the earthen pot once in 3 days.
Various kinds of earth pots are accessible on the lookout – a little mud pot is anything but difficult to deal with while the enormous one is difficult to move around. Select the earth pot which best suit your requirements and your solace.
The breeze will help keep your water cool, so put the pot on a solid table close to the window and fold a spotless wet fabric over the earth pot for quicker cooling.
Keep the dirt pot covered consistently to forestall bugs, dust and different foreign substances from falling into it.
Try not to put a glass straightforwardly in earth pot to take out water as it could pollute the water, rather utilize a perfect, since quite a while ago dealt with scoop.
Check mud pot appropriately while purchasing that there is no break, in any case water can spill out. A broke dirt pot can't cool the water successfully.
Water stockpiling in earthen pots was simple, however before long individuals understood it's hard to spill out water by tuning the weighty water filled pots. Indeed, even as the water level goes a lot further, the water can't be taken out effectively .To evade this issue the earthen pots with connected tap can be utilized for simple water pouring and saving each drop astutely.

How to store water in clay matka (pot) ?

For ages, earthen pots have been utilized to store water and keep it cool as water put away in matkas or surahis for a couple of hours gets cooled at about 10⁰C and 14⁰C.
The water kept in earth pot is said to have an invigorating flavor and is exactly at the correct temperature not very warm and not very chilled.
You can bubble water for around 20 minutes, let it chill off to room temperature and afterward put it in an earth pot.
In the event that you as of now have a water purifier you can take sifted water and store in mud pot to make it cool as opposed to keeping it in cooler.
Bundle of vetiver roots can be placed in the earth pot to improve the cooling impact of water.

Benefits of drinking clay matka (pot) pot water

With regards to putting away water, the earthen pots possess the essential position. Putting away water in an earthen pot is the best technique. Earthen pot makes the water chilled during summer as well as gives recuperating components of Earth.
All the more critically the earthen pot moves the coolness to the water as per the climatic conditions; which is the unique nature of earthen pot that no other compartment has.
The chilled water of earthen pots during summer has no other substitution in extinguishing the thirst and fulfillment of drinking water.
Normally cooled water from dirt pots is promptly consumed by the body and is overflowing with miniature supplements that it absorbs from the furnace terminated earthen pot.
In the searing summer heat the earth matka water is acceptable when contrasted with refrigerator water to keep away from sunstroke likewise the other explanation might have been that the abrupt temperature change could make us debilitated. What we didn't understand however, is that the water put away in an earthen pot is delicate on the throat.
It is an ideal beverage for individuals experiencing hack or cold. It is expected that individuals, who drink water from an earthen pot, have less odds of creating throat contamination contrasted with those, who drink chilled water from the cooler.
Putting away water in plastic holders isn't protected as hurtful synthetic substances, for example, BPA in plastic, represent a wellbeing danger by sticking to the water atoms. The conventional mud pot is the most ideal method of putting away water. Drinking water from the mud pot helps in improving the body's digestion and is without hurtful synthetic substances like BPA. Mud pot water tastes extremely regular, is charmingly chilled and is useful for wellbeing.
Another advantage of mud water pots is the soluble idea of earth. The antacid mud interfaces with the causticity of water and gives the appropriate pH balance. This water can help check corrosiveness and thusly gives alleviation from gastronomic torments. This nature of mud is very helpful and is one of only a handful few all around archived advantages of drinking water from an earthen pot.
Earth pot water drinking can improve the degree of testosterone in your body when analyzed water put away in plastic.
In the wake of breaking the earth pot it exhausts into the ground. Surely it very well may be reused and reused. The plan estimation of earthen pots makes it hundred percent Eco-accommodating.
Earthen pots can cool water without power. Indeed, a large portion of the individuals in Rural India depend on earthen pots as regular coolers as it doesn't need power as power isn't accessible in these spots and the temperature is only well-suited for the throat.
Drinking water from common filtration is superior to artificially regarded water as human body would require not many microorganisms to create invulnerability inside the body.
Earthen pots brings about no destructive results during the creation of stoneware. Dirt pieces and flawed pieces delivered off the jiggering machine or from slip projecting might be re-blended and re-utilized.
There are wellbeing chances engaged with utilization of demineralized water, for example, it direct consequences for the intestinal mucous film, digestion and mineral homeostasis or other body capacities. Almost no admission of calcium can prompt more vulnerable bones and incessant tooth dying. Besides, it might likewise prompt loss of body invulnerability to battle against infections. Earthen pot supports these minerals in the water and makes it sound for drinking when contrasted with refined water

How cooling takes place in the matka (pot)?

According to the science behind the method of cooling water in a mud pot, the dirt pot assimilates a portion of the water that is filled it, which makes the mud matka well sodden.
The external temperature dissipates the stickiness on the pot and this cools the kept water at an agreeable temperature, whose impact goes on until the mass of the pot is sodden.
This earthen pot (utilized for putting away water in the days of yore), that we have so cheerfully exchanged for plastic, hardened steel and other artificially made materials, has small pores everywhere on its body that gives it aloof cooling properties.
It permits water to dissipate from its surface, like the manner in which a human body capacities, keeping the put away water cool.