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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Amazon work from home jobs | Virtual Customer Service | India

Amazon Work From Home Job Description

For India Customer Service, it is a "Work from Home" model.

Six weeks of required online training, either instructor-led or group-based, will provide you the chance to digitally meet your new team and learn how to provide the greatest customer service experience.

This Skills Required

Desired abilities include: being self-disciplined and action-oriented; being able to operate a desktop or laptop computer system; being familiar with Windows 7; being able to speak clearly; and having good typing skills.

Focus on the customer: Identify customer needs and offer appropriate answers; keep a regular and reliable attendance record; and adhere to the daily plan as assigned.
Problem-solving abilities include the capacity to address issues logically and sensibly and the capacity to remain composed under pressure.


The required minimum is 10 + 2.

Amazon work from home jobs | Virtual Customer Service | India

Any graduate or postgraduate may apply.

Link to Apply Job : Amazon Careers Here

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