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For a ₹7,000 crore IPO, Bajaj Housing Finance files a DRHP with SEBI

₹7,000 crore IPO, Bajaj Housing Finance Bajaj Housing Finance IPO: In order to raise ₹7,000 crore through its planned public offering, Baj...


Monday, February 5, 2024

Start a Deathmatch Investment Competition to Identify the Best Investments.

Deathmatch Investment Competition

By creating what I refer to as a "investment deathmatch" in your portfolio, you can learn a lot about investing. Your carefully chosen investments compete with one another in this scenario to provide the highest return and build the largest balance.

An investment deathmatch begins by simultaneously investing equal sums of money in a number of investment funds. This makes it simple to check the fund balances to see how your investments are doing in relation to one another.

The following are some advantages of this "investment deathmatch" strategy for your portfolio:

You gain experience choosing from a variety of investments.

You gain knowledge by seeing how various investments perform over time in comparison to one another.

Diversification lowers the risk associated with your portfolio.

Start a Deathmatch Investment Competition to Identify the Best Investments.

You can increase your investments in your top-performing funds based on the findings of your investment performance analysis.

  • Specific types of funds
  • Choose your budget
  • Put exactly the same sums into each fund.
  • As funds fight to make you money, observe and learn.
  • As a more knowledgeable investor, begin fresh investing deathmatches.

For a better understanding of which funds are in direct competition with one another, you can choose a different investment amount for each deathmatch you launch. To distinguish which assets are in which deathmatch, for instance, you might start a new deathmatch with $1,000 in investments if you already have one running with $500 in investments.

Although the funds in your investment deathmatch are vying for the honor of best investment, you are the true victor. You get a simple approach to gain knowledge about investing while also seeing your portfolio increase.

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