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Monday, October 23, 2023

How to Structure the Estimate for Studying Abroad?

Studying Abroad Estimate

How to Structure the Estimate for Studying Abroad?

In Germany, education sector is given the primary attention. The country has a history of providing skilled workforce and up-to-date infrastructure to us. To them, very low unemployment rate is also a positive factor of attracting major international students from the world.

Now that the country appeals you, it is important to check whether studying abroad is for you or not. What is required at this point is some research and basic understanding.

1) Research about the tuitions fees and cost of living

Every student planning for higher education in Germany aims at achieving at least one scholarship to reduce the costs involved. Taking into account official figures from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), the normal expense of studying in Germany is just US$10,520 (€9,170) every year, separating to US$540 (€470) for tuition charges and US$9,980 (€8,700) for 12 months of living – covering sustenance, transport, convenience, excitement, course materials and different necessities. In order to reduce the burden of spending much on the essentials, the students choose to apply for scholarships to study in Germany.

2) Research about the scholarships available

There are a variety of scholarships, those that are offered by university and government; those that are need specific or skill specific; and those that are funded by third-party organizations to promote globalization and get as much international talent as they can. Some scholarships cover expenses from tuition fees to accommodation charges while other cover the airfare and even the food expenses.

International students especially those who have excelled academically but do not have sufficient funds must look for scholarships such as Aachen University scholarships, DRD Scholarships for Sub-Saharan Africans, Heinrich Böll Scholarships for International Students, Hessnatur Scholarship, KAAD Scholarships for Developing Countries, and FRIAS Cofund Fellowship Programme for International Researchers.

3) Research about the expenses covered under the financial aids

Students who aspire to be an international leader, must also have the ability seize the opportunity and mark their presence. There are several eligibility requirements students must adhere to get scholarships such as –

  • Outstanding past academic position
  • Good command over the English language
  • Meet the university requirements
  • Should not be holding any scholarship already
  • Must appear for the interview as and when called
  • Must either have a unique talent or need of finance
  • Must have enrolled in programme in Germany University

Also, there are certain scholarships that are meant for Indian students only.

While these are the basic requirements, students must know that they will get the benefits after enrollment such as –

  • Tuition fees allowance
  • Living allowances
  • Accommodation allowance as per the university guidelines
  • Airfare (one side – economy class)

4) Finally, take the biggest decision

You have, by now, everything sorted in the order of importance and feasibility to decide whether studying in Germany will boost your career while giving a relief to the pocket or not! Hurry up and confirm! The admission deadlines are waiting.



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